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Albion Online: over feeding mounts & Cook station waste

Why is it still so Easy to over feed your mounts. Why should I have to come up with a spread sheet to know how much food to feed them with Albion Online Silver? Why are there so many black holes in the game for food where it is just totally wasted?

Is this going to be addressed soon?

ATM there are enough people playing the game and farming that it is not that big of a deal. If we learned anything from the last beta it is that once people start to quit the game or quit farming, considering all the food waste in the game (which I hope isn’t intended) food get’s very expensive and thus do mounts and holding territories.

Also why is that when Crafting T3 food on a T7 Cook it drains that cook as though you were making T7 food? But when I craft the same food on a T3 cook it uses much less % and there for much less food or costs to fill back up? Is this intended or just another failure that has been over looked for over a year now?

Currently on a T6 cook it takes 44% of your food just to feed it. Meaning if I make a new building and were able to 0 food while crafting it would take me 44% of the total tater salad I made in order to feed it back up to 100%. This seems rather stupid for the cook building itself with the help of Albion Online Gold. Other building maybe that % is desired but since all building need the cook to sustain themselves putting such high waste value on the Cook station itself. IMO it seems down right retarded. What do you guys think?

Please feel free to double check my numbers and post your own stats. I think the devs are too busy to do 3rd grade math sometimes.

Riders of Icarus: the individual running the bot program

As a Reference point; I have many long years in both Gaming esp. MMORPGs & working within the Game Industry.

I thoroughly understand Botting Programs as well as how the (Asian) Gold Industry works.

If you see any farm-able nodes suddenly disappearing or players floating in mid air, Please Report Them Riders of Icarus Gold; taking a Print Screen & then submitting it with your ticket helps.

I know its a pain the arse and it is time consuming to take a few minutes and submit a ticket or hop on the Website and chat with a GM, however if players don’t take pride in this game and take a stand Against Botting, they will eventually overrun all of avialable farm nodes. I have seen this exact thing transpire and destroy games.

Often when you pay attention the individual running the bot program will by-pass game protocols, such as speed, or altitude; they are often seen under the ground (their little heads poking out or suddenly disappear and with them the node).

Just for my knowledge, are these the bots who run for the gold selling companies? Already I see several gold websites for the game despite it being new. How are they able to acquire so much gold to sell ROI Gold? Could this possibly also be the developers selling gold on another site to make more money from the game? – i know some companies do that

You won’t probably want to hear this however –
I contacted the leading Gold Selling Organization and found on the second day of Head Start, this Gold Selling Organization had over 500k in Gold in stock. How? That is truly an insane amount.

Contribute to a large scale Albion PVP

Any other options to get some idea of how the military and political struggles in the Outlands actually work for Albion Online Gold players that will not be in a place to participate for a number of months?

While my character can contribute to a large scale PVP or Boss fight, there is no way I can survive encounters in the Outlands.

Perhaps they could create an “Invite as Ghost” mechanic where a friendly could allow you to essentially see through their screen view port. If the invisible character could select and characters and follow the combat transcript of the “host” player. Anything to get a dynamic understanding of these areas and an idea of why you would even want to build up a character to participate. Seems like the worst this suggestion could do is (perhaps) increase the local latency.

As you stated in the end of your Albion Online Silver, there is indeed useful intel that ghost players could obtain. To be honest, albion is based on intel almost entirely, allowing ghost characters to roam around would be equivalent of allowing you to see the cards your opponent has in poker.

Sorry, but as noble as your intentions may be this would very quickly turn into abusefest that would break the whole PvP aspect of the game. I wouldn’t be beyond public information like heatmaps as in what regions are the most dangerous etc, but I am against any form of public tools that could be used to gather information real time especially at an individual level.

While my character can contribute to a large scale PVP or Boss fight, there is no way I can survive encounters in the Outlands.

Perhaps they could create an “Invite as Ghost” mechanic where a friendly could allow you to essentially see through their screen view port. If the invisible character could select and characters and follow the combat transcript of the “host” player. Anything to get a dynamic understanding of these areas and albion online gold shop of why you would even want to build up a character to participate. Seems like the worst this suggestion could do is (perhaps) increase the local latency.

I tried this – warbow stun + mount in Albion Online

I tried this – warbow stun + mount. You can’t, there isn’t enough time, unless you gear all your gear for +CC duration you simply don’t get Albion Online Gold. Then if they have a purge, forget about it.

They killed the game for solo players of all flavors. I solo gather, which is even worse because most of the time burdened and also I havent spent 3months only fame farming so Im not in very high tier gear. 1 v 1 there is no chance to survive. I used to be able to get away from small groups of gankers – not any more now its just don’t bother going out to gather in anything valuable. Im starting to wear flat T5 because anything else is just giving good gear to people.

I think I agree with parts but not all, a 5 second shield is unnecessary and un balanced. If they can mount up in half a second I should be able to stop them in half a second.

On the part where you say “attack another player but not attack back” I don’t agree. The current definition of being in combat sucks. I had an instance where I chased a healer attacking and nearly killing a healer through the morgue/knockmount t6 dungeon all the way to the exit, just for her to be able to leave and mount up because she never attacked Albion Online Silver server, but she cleansed all sorts of effects and healed her self the whole way. This was bullcrap. I think if I person heals damage I do, cleanses my dots, vanishes out of my roots, sprints out of my slow downs, and heavy plate bubbles my stuns, they are in combat.

I also disagree with being able to use it during fade out. This would be OP and be abused especially if there was any kind of shield. The only instance in which I would be in favor of allowing this is if they made it so if a person gets dismounted by being knocked off of their horse that it would “fatigue” the horse so that a person would have to leave combat to remount once more.

I don’t think pvp should be discouraged in anyway shape or fashion. Enough people have holed up in the green zones since you can fame farm there now.

Riders of Icarus: the “Skill Test”

The mage boss in the Snow dungeon is a basically a “Skill Test” I am able to Tank the Mage boss as a Rogue just fine. If you don’t have any interuptors to stop that 2.5 second cast called “Black Lightning” it will do a flat 10.5k – 15.6k (critical) to your face.

I am not sure how any other class works but you need to dodge (double tapping A,D, or W) right before he casts the Cheap Riders of Icarus Gold. The skill itself is on a CD. I notice after 3 attacks, his 4th attack is always “Black Lightning”. By dodging I mean, don’t stand in front of him when he casts it.

Sounds like a Tank issue, I’ve met some Guardian Tanks that are able to eat the normal attacks just fine. Though it could be a healer issue. Really sorry I can’t help out but with only 2 character slots offered, I really don’t want to make another class until the new race comes out.

I have played the game for some time and have one character on each server because I want to avoid being unable to play because of the Riders of Icarus Gold issue. I really do want to try out guardian, but I don’t really want to delete any of my characters, since I use some of them to play with specific friends.

Here is the main issue, though. I believed that it would be impossible, but a friend suddenly said that he was certain he could have three characters on EACH of the three servers, but it just says that I am at the limit when I try to make a new one.
So my question is: Is there a three character limit on my user OR is it a three character limit per server, and mine is broken?

I hope you can help me out, because I really can’t find any definite answer via google or by searching in here. Might just be I have bad google skills, but I still really want an answer

You do the maintenance and now I cant do crap.. cant solo ANY boss, suddenly im having disconnect from server issues, I cant log back into my account. I cant take ANY hits now from monsters/bosses, im dead within 3/4 hits. I could used to solo elite fire dungeon difficulty 1 with no problems what ROI Gold. I cant even get past the skeleton boss now. Have you nerfed the Wizards or what? and made monsters tougher?

Albion Online: “Ghost towns have been created”

“Ghost towns have been created” – Sure seems that way

“Blue portals are havens for those that dont have to sacrifice to win” – A lot of people including higher tier players do like to use these for exactly that reason.

However, I would not take away the content as a solution to Buy Albion Online Gold. Instead I would like to propose to the devs to look at a game that was once very popular on an international basis and was ridiculously simple but fun much like the concept that Albion has re-implemented into the gaming community with the click-to-move System.

Helbreath International and subsequently Helbreath USA was once a very popular game (circa late 90’s early 2000’s) that shares a lot of similarities to AO. However the “Midlands” in this game had high tier lethal mobs that would drop exceptional loot and “fame” (XP) and also allow players to fight in Open World. Something along this model as an add-on to the current structure I believe would make the game more competitive while staying true to the core of AO Gold. While limiting the amount of Blue portals or making them similar to Hellgates in Red / Black zones where they connect this would also place a higher focus on PVP.

On a personal note I would like to see a new type of portal be implemented to be a 3 man group that would also function like a hell-gate so that smaller guilds can see more PVP action as well. Just a thought.

The hellgates used be the best fame in the game and everyone used to use them. Once they added all these safe T4s with elites that people can solo more efficiently than hellgates, the hellgates died down.

I like hellgate pvp because you can’t get zerged. It has to be 5v5 pvp

The most efficient fame grind is the elite T4 mobs because they are in a non-pvp zone and solo or duo they give you better fame than grouping red zone content in best albion online silver store. This is a big reason why nobody goes out into pvp areas anymore. There is no good reason to risk it.

Multiple accounts given that the LP system is in Albion

What surprises me is the consideration to allow multiple accounts given that the LP system is in the game. Since LP acts as both a rest exp system for less active players to Buy Albion Online Silver. And also acts as a progression decision limiting system for very active players it would seem to me that splitting up my character progression across multiple accounts and multiple characters is a way to get around the LP system. Which is kind of like saying cheating given that an out of game solution is being used to circumvent an in game system.

The more I thought about it the more I started to see how LP is somewhat genius. Providing a dynamic exp/fame requirement to progress based on play time.
Giving a very active player a higher goal to progress through skills and less active player a double bump in the form of rest exp and lower exp/fame requirements.

I did vote for “yes, in the limited sense”, no multi-boxing but multiple accounts is okay. I’m a power gamer though and expect power gamers largely will want this allowed and the majority of casual to medium activity players will not. Which kind of begs the question, “if multi boxing is not allowed in the form of bot armies does allowing multiple accounts really harm the game much. Since it’s primarily used by power gamer type people who are going to play the snot out of the game and be ahead of the curve anyway. There is the PR issue of allowing it since to my surprise 50% of pollsters said no and roughly 50% yes when both options are combined. LOL, hopefully you get a larger poll sample.

Runin wrote a good response on how to police Multi-boxers at this link

Policing game traffic originating from the same IP where all inputs received by the server are not equal to one another though is nearly impossible to Buy Albion Online Gold. Direct player interaction and or watching of the accounts in question is the only solution. That or scrubbing the server logs of the accounts in question to identify if they are communicating via chat with different people at the same time and if it is a macro or not. If the accounts in question show that they do have chats originating at the same time to different people and are different character sets, well then it’s probably two people and not a multi-boxer.

Whatever your final final decision is on the topic, I would certainly let people know that multiple individual people in the same home, school, business, place, or playing over the same internet connection is allowed. I was surprised to see how many people were worried about getting banned because they live with family or friends and multiple people play at the location.

I have my account and my brother has their own account, we will be playing at same time in the same house in different computers, but we are two different person if this is not an issue i prefer “no”.

You wanna play pvp and check the prices of some item or do some craft ok, but if we do that we can kill a lot of roles in the game like merchants, farmers, crafters because all this roles will be alts, another reason is that you can’t focus in two things at same time and even if you can get some silver in albion online gold market, this will prejudiced your response time. So relax for few minutes doing some craft or chatting then go back to the frontline.

The instant 10000 hp/s incombat regeneration in Albion Online

You forgot instant 10000 hp/s incombat regeneration but other then that can confirm. “haste” now properly balanced.

Jokes aside, beta 2 has alot of potential weapon and skill wise. Like all new alpha/beta stages I cant wait too see the new stuff they throw at us, despite it being “broken” or whatever.

More ontopic, “haste” is mandatory for openworld if u want to run away from the fight or chase down the aggressor/target with powerful Albion Online Items. If ur group or ur build is strong enough to fight whatever enemy head on, then the usefullness strongly declines. I’m not trying to defend it by no means, the movementspeed in combination with sprints leads too outstanding escape/chase potential. That is one of ur safest bets for survival in the open world. If u cant fight it, outrun it.

Let’s say a different armor piece with sprint is here to stay(besides boots obvs.). This will always force people who want max survivability/movementspeed to go for such a armor piece. This time it was on the chest piece to have another sprint, an armor piece that vastly defines ur role for a group/your build. Even worse it is only available on one chest piece in an entire armor line, so even in the line people are forced to go for said armor.

Why wasnt it a big problem before? It was on the head/helmet slot before, wich wasnt such a role defining armor slot. LP cost was minor, and there was no significant drawback from loss of resistances or armor passives. Additionally it had more of a high risk/high reward approach(movespeedbuff/resistancedebuff)

[list][/list]What to do?
Get rid of haste
Make “haste”-mechanic available on all chest pieces
Put it back on a minor armor slot, for an entire armor line.
I have my hopes high for Albion Online Silver. I could imagine a movementspeed buff on plate that grants an armor and resistance increase and for cloth something along the lines of movementspeed plus damage increase/overall performance(dmg/heal) increase.

Why should they be able to catch the scout builds? Why does everyone want their build to be able to kill every other build? Some builds are simply countered by other builds.

Here’s a tip, don’t chase. Or don’t try to 1v1 a bow in open world.

Mages will win 1v1 (standing still) against Bows. That’s why Bows have the mobility, so that they can kite and have a albion online gold for sale. Tanks aren’t supposed to solo; they provide the meat shield, zoning and crowd control for the dps to do the work.

You can argue that almost all of the abilities on the different armor slots across the board are too strong in certain situations.

Albion Online: just resorce A+b = item


Yes but this is a ongoing thing with people always comparing this game how eve works and how this game works. this is amateur sandbox game designed for children. there is 0 lvls of creativity implemented into this game world with crafting. its just resorce A+b = item. housing is also basic. grinding is basic also.

a real sand box game for example is more in depth.
For example to make your house

trees + refined
need to lvl up carpentry to be a builder so making things like chairs tables chest would be needed more Albion Online Silver before being able to make a house or even other shops or refiners.

need nails and hammer to build a house. black smith makes nails or spikes. Ores make spikes and special carpentry tools. each individual tool needs to be famed up in order to craft different types of building not just a Adventurer level.

This game has been made for children. most children never experienced a sandbox game before. no need to call this game a sandbox to begin with if its going to have its corners all cut to cater to every ones needs besides the needs of sandbox players. Just call it a MMo and move on

I think the biggest reason they are just making it harder and harder to have PVP encounters with every patch to Buy Albion Online Silver. The direction of the game seems to be going towards spreading people out across the map instead encouraging people to clump closer together.

The game now has far too many inconveniences to trying to group together to make it fun anymore. For me the issue isn’t with people reaching end game gear and all that. The game was all about just getting to middle of the road tier and running around pvping most of the day. With a little PvE on the side for money. With how it is now i feel like i get stuck playing in one little area unless i want to spend significant amounts of time just traveling.

TL:DR: It not fun playing a game were you spend 70% of your time just trying to get to where you want to be.

And all that because theres a Beta-Wipe at the End of the Beta anyways, so why wasting time for farming or GvG, if everything gets resettet at the End anyways?
I stopped for like 1 week and started then playing it for 1 week, only to look into the game, getting something done. So i know some stuff when the game goes live.
Seriously there are at least 10 Members in my Guild that stopped playing and just waiting for the Wipe so they can actually really play.

I think we shouldnt worry at the moment, i think what i said is the true main-reason and most of these guys coming back to albion online gold shop. And to be honest, if we start now already making the players nervous with asking where all the players are gone, there will be some serious player leaving because they think there’re not enough players.