According to NCSoft, the translation of Blade & Soul was not without multiple rebalancing involved, the cause of the late release of MMO in the West. Given the density of the narrative and its specific context (Wuxia), the publishers needed a team entirely dedicated to ensuring that the text, making up more than three million words, respected the cultural difference between of players in the West. Upon its release, Blade & Soul will be entirely translated and dubbed in English, French and German (the original Korean language should arrive later in a special pack). The dubbing work was overall quite good, although we may regret some exaggerations in the English dubbing, probably due again to the very context of the game.

Available as a free-to-play for all, the title will use introduce the Ncoin currency, already used in other games of the NCsoft catalog such as Lineage II and Aion. This currency will allow players to buy consumables like experience potions or food, character slots or inventory expansions, as well as multiple cosmetic items in the form of outfits and pets. The game will also introduce another form of currency, obtainable in the game this time, allowing players to purchase these same consumables, expansions and cosmetics, although you can’t expect to be able to afford them overnight. Established for the Western market, a premium membership will also be available. Premium players will benefit from various improvements such as a boost in the experience or money obtained in the game through different buffs that will evolve depending on the frequency of their purchases in the cash shop, a way to reward their financial investment. The publisher nevertheless states that this system will not grant players any competitive advantages.

Featuring a vast world to explore lush with a very pleasant range of air travel, and stranded in a scenario that, while undoubtedly cliché, but unflinchingly embraces the principles of Wuxia, Blade & Soul has already carved itself a place in the hyper competitive market of free-to-play MMORPGs, and in the heart of dynamic gameplay enthusiasts.