The Kung Fu Master can quickly link consecutive skills together in combos—using both fists and feet—to reach significant damage output.

But , I have 2 problems, so please, help me:
1. I cannot post on Blade and Soul. Don’t know exactly why, but because of this I cannot post my 2nd and real problem

2. I was wearing the Crimson Legion Uniform, when I was attacked by someone from Blue Faction and got killed. I tried to regenerate the chi, but got killed before being able to. So I tried to revive, but after pressing the button, the game closed and said something like:”An error has occured.” Ok, I opened the game once more, got connected to the server, entered and found myself dead. I pressed again the button to revive, but then the game closed again, showing the same message as before. Please, can someone post this problem on forum and tell me if you got an answer?