I was able to do the manual dat file, and the game works with that. What i can’t seem to get right is the game patcher. It never sees the dat file when i do the setup. My game directory is the same as yours Cowgirl and it never sees anything in that folder. The odd thing is when i open the folder by myself ( without the patcher) i see the dat file just fine.

Either way i’m grateful for the translation with Blade And Soul Gold, just wish i understood the instructions better, cuzz i seem to be missing something in step one. =/

BTW This is the part that is killing me:
“3. Setting up
1. Run the BladeAndSoulTWLauncher program from the folder you downloaded. On first run, you will be asked to browse to the Replace.bat from EnglishPatch or EnglishPatch_ProjectIzanamiOnly. If you didn’t do this step, BladeAndSoulTWLauncher will not check for updates and just show its main interface.”

If anyone could explain how to do this step that would be great because i’m totally lost right here. I run the launcher and i browse to: C:\Program Files (x86)\NCTaiwan\Blade & Soul\contents\Local\NCTAIWAN\CHINESET\data but i keep finding nothing in my folder. obviously i’m doing something wrong.

Ok i got it and just in case there are others like me. here is what i did. Once you are at the google drive download be sure you download “EnglishPatch.2015.6.9.zip” and if you want the auto updater download ” BladeAndSoulTWLauncherUpdate. ”

make a new folder (i put mine on desktop) name it whatever ya want ( mine is izanami ) unzip the two files you just downloaded to get Cheap Blade And Soul Gold. Next run the blade and soul patcher that you just extracted, it will ask for you to “Brows to the Replace.bat” so go the the folder you just made and find the “Replace” file. That is the one you want. now just run the patcher and your done.