You have a masters pack and couldn’t get your blight weapon?

wait. unless… did you use your brilliant viridian key on another weapon box with the help of Blade & Soul Items? Masters pack owners get a class specific key for the 1-20 area. this key should ONLY and i repeat ONLY be used on the blight chest. any weapon you need before this is tradeable and therefor should not need a special key.

Sorry OP but you f’ed up

now for anyone without that special key
grind it out. you don’t lose too much just doing the dungeon and you aren’t very hindered by skipping it for a while. I leveled to 36 without getting my blight weapon and then I leveled to 45 without getting my flame weapon. the weapons are strong enough to carry you. you can’t avoid the RNG even at cap with all the money in the world. If you are grinding for end game bopae(soul shields), there are 8 pieces with random chances to drop and even if you get it, there’s RNG on whether you’ll get the highest stat roll or not.

it’s korean. the more you play, the more you are rewarded.

I’ve honestly never the seen the option to buy brilliant keys for valor stones, unless I’m just completely blind I don’t think you can get cheap Blade & Soul Power leveling. You are probably talking about a private server, on official ones the only way to get brilliant keys is from the cash shop, survey, or rare drop from the reward chests for quests/dungeons.