I’m somewhat optimistic considering how huge of a success it is in China / Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea (especially Korea), But at the same time I have my doubts considering it took them so long to decide to localize it to our regions, and it’s already a 4 year old game. That combined with the fact that it seems our culture consists mostly of people that prefer to play casual theme park games these days. It will be interesting to see how it works out with BNS Gold. After FFXIV pulled off going from the worst MMORPG of all time to the second most popular in the west, I don’t rule anything out, but still FFXIV in an effort to become popular turned into a casual theme park WoW clone… Interested in knowing what other people think.

But I think it’ll have a healthy player base and fair well for years to come. The PvE aspect of the game isn’t fantastic in my opinion which will turn off a lot of people. I’m sure others disagree but I view this as a PvP-centric game.

If you take a look at Tera for example, most people consider it a pve game since battlegrounds either isn’t balanced or its massive zergs. Yes there’s GvG and alliance but alliance sucks and GvG isn’t overly popular. Tera’s end game pve is pretty challenging and requires good communication. I’ll say bns is on about the same level if not the same. Only reason Tera is a popular mmo was because it barely had competition. Neverwinter, dragon nest, vindictus don’t even compare to it. With black desert and bns, a lot of people are moving away from Tera. I think bns can be just as populated as post steam Tera after a few months. Maybe not off the bat, but after more people start to find out about it.

You run out of content in mmos and mmos can be grindy. Moba’s on the other hand never run out of content. Its like a sport. You dont really need to do anything for people to continue playing it, then you may need Blade & Soul Power leveling. Look at league, all they need to do is balanced one map. Mmos u need to keep creating content for people to stay interested. Its because moba’s have alot competition and people like that. Sure there’s 1v1 in bns but nowhere as competitive as moba’s. Moba’s will be superior til the end of time because its a lot more competitive and humans like competition.