It depend on what you want to do tbh. if your goal is to stack out in the best gear possible, then it’s a very long journey of daily dungeon runs and various other activities to keep up the gold requirement. If your goal is to play it casually, then tbh its not much. There’s about 7~8 6 mans dungeons, only 3 of which are anywhere near being challenging. Mushin tower is fun, but after you figure out how to do the bosses, you’ll realize that it’s piss easy (it has too, because its balanced around soloing). You’ll get bored really quickly if all you look for is some “fun and diverse” end game. Its a KR game, endgame = long grind, thats it.

TLDR: if you’re looking for some “serious” endgame, then prepare for a very long grind, especially if you’re aiming for Blade & Soul Gold. If all you look for is a fun and casual time playing at the end, then there will be nothing new to see after about 3 days to a week.

This is the most accurate explanation. PvE endgame is more of a treadmill gear grind trying to get the best pieces/upgrades. You run through all the zones once at least level 50 you learn the mechanics you rinse and repeat to get the best gear. It helps to buff you out for open world PvP so you can get the most done there once you min/max stats.

It doesn’t mean they won’t release more content down the road, but the PvE as it stands doesn’t take that long and you are mostly just repeating it for gear upgrades.
The game is really built more towards PvP because that is what it is balanced around (Korean eSports for arena) and once you upgrade gear enough the content loses challenge you really just want the stats to make you stronger in open world PvP (hongmoon levels and more gear upgrades are in PvP).

Gear grind takes a long time completing the content and achievements doesn’t really. You’re eventually going to want to step in PvP anyways for materials and BNS Gold because a lot of your best stuff will come from faction related content.