The thing is that nProtect GameGuard only protects against a few common methods of exploitation; the removal of it will not result in a significant change to the playerbase and whether they do or do not cheat. If I wanted to do memory or packet editing or any other method of cheating, I wouldn’t be stopped by GameGuard. However, considering that GameGuard has single-handedly prevented Linux users from even playing with Cheap Blade And Soul Gold, that’s not going to happen anyway. Beyond that point, many other mainstream OS users are having trouble with both their operating systems and third party software (such as video recording & streaming software) which I would say is a significant impact on the game’s playability which can simply be remedied through the removal of GameGuard.

I’ve seen some other posts here saying “Wasn’t removed in other regions, won’t be removed here” and other nonsensical posts. Again, let’s go back to my original post that began this thread; they removed it from Aion in North America despite it being on other regions. Your research and points are negated with that single statement.

Those saying it will allow hackers to come in and ruin the game; you don’t really know anything about how cheating works and you believe this knockoff software is helping your game stay hacker free for the most part when it’s incredibly easy to work around it.

As for multiboxers being on the servers, pretty sure GameGuard doesn’t prevent that and it, like in WoW, is not a violation of the EULA.

Even then I have to open up the launcher, repair it, then I can’t hit play or it will still fail. after repairing I have to instantly restart my computer then open the launcher again(if I open as admin it fails) then hit play and it works to Buy BNS Gold. I have to do that every time no matter what. Disconnect, get off the game for the night turning off my computer, I have to do this every time. Not very interested in a game when I have to bid people I’m talking to good bye because I have to shut off my stuff and go thru this process to get back in the game. Also I can’t use xsplit to stream the game as well. I have 0 complaints for far with the game itself, it’s the game I want to play, nothing’s perfect but I find it more fun and worth it to play then any other game. But this game guard and launching issues and incompatibility is not making it worth it.