They were made for level 50 content. In regions that have 50 levels + 20 hongmoon levels. In those regions warlocks can kill people in a few hits. I’m not spouting bull and I’m not exaggerating. That’s with FIFTY levels + TWENTY hongmoon levels worth of HP. You’re talking about adding a class like that into the game when we have hp pools of level 45 with no hongmoon levels with the help of Blade & Soul Gold. They will, literally, be one shotting people. Not to mention how messed up they will make 3v3 and any form of PvE with their awakening skill. Everyone’s damage is already higher than it should be based on our levels, adding in Warlock will just make the situation 10x worse.

I’m not raging, or even angry about your suggestion. I’m trying to explain why having warlock at level 45 cap would not work at all. Like I said, I know you want the class soon, and that it really sucks to have to wait. I wish they would release the 50 content on launch too, but if they don’t, then warlock has no place in the game until they do. If you really don’t want to play anything but warlock, then I guess you have to wait until it’s released, but I think the better idea would be what I said before. Make a character, or several, and level them up and prepare for when warlock is released.

What I am hearing is that people think WL is too OP and unbalance the game, and yet they exist in the other regions. So the other regions are unbalanced?

Look, I get what you’re trying to say, it’s just that if you listen to the words you are using, it sounds like crazy doublespeak.

And WL was introduced later in those regions, assumedly along with a rise in level cap, but without rebalancing the other classes to allow their upgrade paths to better match the newer one’s. I think the smarter thing would have been for NC to have used the opportunity of the NA/EU version to restructure the balance of all the classes at all progression levels, not just the 45 to 50 range. Because as it it stands, it doesn’t matter when the WL or any new class is ever introduced, the game will be unblanaced in their favor agaisnt anyone of an older, established class up to the current level cap.

I sense this call for “patience”, to wait until WL is released, are in actuality merely the secret wish that such a class will never be released with BNS Gold. The reason I am starting to conclude that is that we see the same naysayer irritation in the threads where some are calling for another ranged class — Gunner, Archer or whatever. In fact, a common refrain there is “You’ll have that when Warlock is released, so we don’t need fill-in-the-blank.” But you get over to the WL threads and it’s, “No, that’s too OP. Let it come later, if ever.”