IDC if they name my server BigBlackC. What the *cricket*, thats not an insult to me…

How is your server name choice a personal attack on me? or My country , or its players?

IDGAF if your server is named Super Saiyan lvl 4 and mine is named Hello Kitty.

I don’t understand ANY fuss over the server names, AT ALL NONE ZERO…

About the HQ? Assuming you meant ‘Headquarters.”

How about, taking a look at company history, regions they were targeting etc. Its not like they just built a NC HQ in the united states, this was all in place supporting their other games that were major here.

Its not all about trying to screw you over, again, you guys are such silver spooned kings and queens of the world, you feel like everything is a personal attack.

How about the cost of living and operating in Europe? Your talking about an ASIAN country, who has one of the least valued currencies, trying to set up shop in EUROPE.

Perhaps, if you didn’t feel that much better then the world, that you had to create a REAL LIFE pay wall to lock us out and segregate yourselves form Blade & Soul Power leveling, these issues wouldn’t exist, until then. Lie in the bed you made.

Its obvious to me, they don’t have a system set up in that country, at all, probably because they lack the resources, or will not reap high enough rewards to compensate, spending billions of dollars to open a whole new wing in one of the most expensive places on the planet.

Would you feel better if they just simply didn’t offer you this game, because they “Lacked resources” instead of trying hard to at least give you something?