I’m not sure if any else noticed but the dialog for the game has been changed so much that it just bugs me. I would like to note that this only happens after alpha they changed it for some reason during beta.

Warning – this might be a spoiler

During the mission where you travel back in time, you succumb to the Black flower when you see the Jin Seo Yeon in the past. I noticed two major changes that occurred.

Jin Seo Yeon is completely not aware of the character’s wound (seriously its oversize flower how can she not see that) she would not make any remarks that the character is from the future. However in the original game Jin Seo Yeon was aware of the situation once she spot the black flower, and spared the character remarking something like their destined to meet in the future and that the heavens has a sick sense of humor.

My second problem that I noticed is that Jin Seo Yeon was far more cruel and insulting than the original Blade & Soul Items. Jin Seo Yeon would refer the character as a rat and a wretch and only spared the character because she had better things to do. While Jin Seo Yeon lacks empathy and is very hateful but she is not known to insult people, its often that her criticism are effective enough to be antagonize others but she is not known for calling names. This can be proven later on in the story when its revealed why she became such a person.

My only problems is that it was a unnecessary change to begin with and it changes the character personality to a fair degreed.