I know BnS very long time ago, my friends always recommended this game a years or two ago, but I

haven’t tried because BnS server located in China Mainland and Taiwan and of course Japan. I don’t

understand Japan or China language and I skip it for over several years. I don’t have any

experience playing BnS, but since the English server was announce a year ago, I kinda felt that

the game is already old for me. That’s what my friends told to me, my friends already play the

game and hit the end game content. So I guess he won’t playing on NA server.

But this is a good opportunity for me if I can try and find some first impression of this game. I

heard a lot this is a good game, balance in PVP, great content, etc, but I haven’t tried before

Blade And Soul

because language barrier over a years ago. If I win, it would be great for me because the last CBT

event from T0S is really disappoint me, the first CBT, I never got the key, the second CBT I got free Blade & Soul Gold, but the devs block my region because it has already local server. I want

to skip T0S by playing another game. The old one that have great content, which is Blade and Soul.

I’m currently playing MH2015 as my game for over one year and I had a great time with the

community and dev.

I’ve been avidly following this game since it was released years ago hoping for a localisation,

infact I got an opportunity to try the game and had a blast but the language barrier relegated the

full experience. I’m really eager to try the game again and see if it’s worth a purchase

especially since I’m worried it might feel dated in 2015. I’d be really happy if I’m selected for

the key.

I wish to seek justice, bring vengeance upon the woman who killed my clan and defend the world

from evil. (I’ve only played a couple of other MMOs but I’m usually not able to become fully

enveloped in the story. I love the story line of the game and the concept that you are not the

“Destined Hero” but you are just fighting for your own beliefs.