Blade & Soul was officially released today, and whether or not you’ve had the opportunity to try the title during the closed beta, we would like to give you some tips to start your adventure right. These should be especially useful considering that Blade & Soul was already available for several years on Asian territories, and some members of the community are well prepared to take the lead during this Western release.

Choosing the best server

Unfortunately, with the game just launching, you will most likely end up having to wait in a long queue before being able to get Cheap Blade And Soul Gold. There are, however, certain servers that are slightly less crowded than others. Assuming that you do not have to join up with friends in a specific one, you might want to take a look at the game’s list of recommended servers.

The choice of the class

If you have been keeping up with the Blade & Soul news, you should know that each class is unique and that the classic MMORPG “trinity” (tank, healer, DPS) does not exist here. Of course, some classes are more oriented towards support or frontline roles, but a group of excellent players can complete any challenge, regardless of their composition.

Players will usually get a general idea of ??the gameplay of each class upon level 15-20, which is the matter of a few hours. Of course, nothing prevents you from creating multiple characters to try out the different classes. But if you would like to keep up with the progression of other players, you will want to pick one class and stick to it. This article offers a short introduction of each of the classes and their basic gameplay.

Blade And Soul

Completing important quests

Besides the main storyline, it is sometimes more effective to increase your level by accepting certain side quests, while ignoring those that are not “profitable”. Early in the game, it is strongly recommended to complete all the blue and purple quests, as well as those provided by Hajoon, some of them being particularly important because they teach you how to properly use the combos of your class. Does not underestimate the collection and crafting quests in Jade Village either as they each offer a decent amount of exp upon completion. As your progress, you will learn to be selective about the quests you decide to take depending on the time invested/reward obtained ratio.

Dungeons – Always kill large groups

The dungeons of Blade & Soul at low level are relatively linear: a corridors going from point A to point B, full of that enemies drop loot: upgrade components, pieces of equipment, and spare copper to Buy BNS Gold. Contrary to appearances, it is not necessary to kill them one by one: simply use your Chi to sprint to the end of the dungeon, and once they are all grouped up behind you, use your best AoEs to finish them.

If you are among the more experienced players, you can also check out this article for a quick leveling guide.