I had a similar issue so I suppose this saves me from creating my own thread. Pressing upwards on the L stick causes me to run backwards, and pressing downward on the L stick causes me to run forward. As the above mentioned this can be very confusing and when you’re in a tight spot trying to move away quickly it can be a bit disorienting. I also noticed that the lower R and L triggers….lets call them R2 and L2 for the sake of simplicity, weren’t always labelled the same way for button combinations. I had instances where they were called F1 and F2, as well as…I’m not sure if it was RT or RB, but either way it made it very confusing to execute combos and at times even basic commands. It can also be noted that when controlling the ‘mouse arrow’ on certain screens the L and R sticks are over sensitive making them pretty much useless. If you push them one way or the other they basically slingshot across the screen. The R stick is also a bit sensitive when turning causing you to very quickly turn too far.

There’s also the issue with the buttons being marked/coloured with the A,B,X,Y symbols. I had a similar issue to the above as the buttons on my Gamepad aren’t labelled with letters, but with numbers, meaning none of my buttons match up and I had to figure out what did what on my own. I think it would help if somewhere in the Gamepad Tab in settings there was a picture of a Gamepad that indicated which button was which with little lines/arrows to Buy Blade And Soul Gold. Its also a bit of an issue that it won’t let you bind certain buttons/keys to certain actions if they are connected to certain other actions. This causes a symbol rebinding of a button or three to become a much large task then it should be.


I posted in General regarding my experiences and the only problem I ran into was getting a system error when I was trying to bind a key that was not used yet and the system stating that it was being used by another key. For example: I bound LB+A(Skill 5), LB+B(Skill 6), LB+X(Skill 7), and LB+Y(Skill 8) for the bottom abilities which was fine, even the system had that similiar setup, but then when I try to set up a key on RB+A, RB+B, etc. it’s giving me a message stating that Skill 5 is already in use. Ultimately saying the RB Key which I set up beforehand is not being recognized(but the funny thing is I can use RB to set up other things). I know this is all in test mode, but at least wanted to include my experiences which altogether I felt I had 75% freedom to do what I want, which is a great start! I had no issues with the Analog (L) movement key or ® key and all my buttons matched because I’m using an X-Box type controller, so it did make for an easier setup.

My controls worked just fine in their default setup, the rebinding was just kind of…flawed. I also couldn’t rebind analog stick functions to buttons (like setting A/Cross to jump instead of the Right Stick/R3 button). I was trying to set my controls up in a manner similar to TERA (or more general action games, you could argue), but I ended up just making due with the standard layout since my changes either weren’t going through, or were conflicting with other layouts even after I had cleared them.

One thing I did notice, that I’m wondering if anyone else had problems with, is that I simply cannot use the mouse pointer with the analog sticks. Every so often (I didn’t notice a pattern, so I’m assuming it’s Blade And Soul Items), the cursor would snap to the left side of the screen, regardless of the direction I was pushing the analog stick in. I ended up using a hybrid of mouse controls for inventory and menu management, with the gamepad for actual gameplay. Cumbersome, but not impossible.

Something interesting, though: the game actually got my controller to vibrate. Most games don’t do that with a spoofed control, or at least, I haven’t played any that I could. So that was a pleasant surprise.