Due to having heard that people have been having problems getting SweetFX working on BnS NA, I’m going to writing up a guide for how to get it all working. I was told this would be fine to post here by subreddit mods, as it likely doesn’t break the ToS, but if NCSoft says no or reports pop up about punishment for using it then this will be removed.

Go to ReShade’s Site
Click the Purple ‘Download’ button (will scroll the page down to the bottom), then the Green ‘Download’ button. This will then lead to the Mediafire page for the current version of ReShade.

Download this somewhere, doesn’t matter where you actually place the 7z from this step. Extract the 7z to its own folder.

Next, open Mediator.exe in the ReShade folder. On the left of the lower section, there is a Dropdown box with Blade & Soul Gold, and Add on the right. Click Add, and you will get a popup asking where the location of the exe you want to affect is. Find and select the BnS client (Client.exe, mine is at ‘D:\Program Files (x86)\NCSOFT\BnS\bin\Client.exe’). The name will display as ‘Blade _Soul’ in the Dropdown box due to & being unable to be used by the exe, it will still work correctly.

On the right, it will now have ‘Blade & Soul’ in the center box, click the Add button on the right, and after it reloads, you will see ‘Blade _Soul’ in the Dropdown box above it (same as before, it will still work correctly) and Add will now be Update. You can change the name in the box, and it will change the name of the Preset listed in the Dropdown box to the name entered in the center box, but keeping all settings you had in the preset.

Find a SweetFX preset. You can make your own, or use one that had been uploaded to a site such as TheLazy.net (Blade & Soul’s page is here). I will be using Blade & Soul SC for my example, due to it being the preset I am currently using. I’ll also use screenshots from TheLazy, but you can just download the preset for what I’m going to do if you find that easier. You’re going to have to manually edit all the settings from this point on due to changes in format from SweetFX 1.5 to ReShade/SweetFX 2.0’s files.

Go to the Pipeline tab at the top of ReShade, and to the ‘Choose effects’ section of your preset’. All boxes that are ‘0’ on the preset, uncheck in ReShade, and all that are ‘1’ in the preset, check in ReShade. Anything not thats not ‘<something> – SweetFX’ should be unchecked since youre using a SweetFX preset.

Blade And Soul Gold is Now Available at Blade-Soul

Now, go to the SweetFX tab on the top. You will see a lot of tabs in the center for each of the setting that SweetFX controls. The only ones that matter are the ones you checked in the previous step, since those are the only one enabled by SweetFX. Go to each middle tab that you checked in the previous step, find that section in your preset, and change the values to match what your preset. You can use your mouse for large changes, then use Right/Left on your keyboard to fine-tune it. In my case I would go to SMAA, LIFTGAMMAGAIN, TONEMAP, VIBRANCE, CURVES, and LUMASHARPEN and change the settings in each of those sections.

Now hit Apply at the top-right of ReShade, go back to the Setup tab, and hit ‘Permanent Push To Application’ to have it take all the settings you made, and apply them to Blade & Soul. You can go back to your BnS folder and look for a file named ReShade (its a symlink back to the actual settings in your Mediator folder). If it’s there, you’re done (Starting BnS will also have some text scroll down the upper left when it starts showing that its compiling the effects).

Start BnS and the look will be different. You may want to disable any AA options (FXAA and LEAA) in your settings with Blade And Soul Items, if you use a preset that uses SMAA or FXAA, as they sometimes conflict and either make things look odd, or just wasting processor work due to AA’ing multiple times. You can compare With and Without SweetFX ingame by pressing ScrollLock (this key is changeable, but that’s the default).