They’re similar yes, but different enough that it’s ok. Sure some will go over to BNS, but TERA has standard trinity roles that a lot of people really like and the combat is different enough to be noticeable, especially on some classes. Black Desert is an open world MMO with no instancing at all (so no BG/Arena/Dungeon grinds for those that enjoy that) with a bigger OwPvP focus and a lot of more sandboxy gameplay in other ways. Also the combat there is different as well.

Yes many fans enjoy some or all of those games, but they’re different enough in various ways to attract their own audiences to Buy Blade And Soul Gold. I know people that play some or all of these games absolutely. Heck I’ve played them all. I don’t think that will be the majority.

I do think people that played TERA from the start have likely grown tired by now and already stopped playing. Some of those, depending on their playstyle preferences, have already moved over to BNS or BDO. But the game has plenty of new people as well as some that still enjoy it. And BDO and BNS have plenty of other non-TERA fans that have been waiting forever for these games to release.

Bless Online is too early to be considered. For one thing we don’t even really know a lot of the details of how the features will turn out. We don’t even know what they’re doing with combat until we see this next beta test with the supposed changes. And the game is far from release even in Korea. I can tell you that the amount of people actively visiting Bless English fansites and the subreddit is tiny right now.

I will say this and this only. Atm not a single MMO will be a killer of anything all of them have their own community and player base they all lack in something and have something that the other mmos dont have, people will complain and move on to something else that will get their attention for a while but wont be any better from the previous mmo they played and thought it was (shit) This is coming from someone that tried archeage,gw2,tera,black desert,dc universe online and few others. Everyone is looking for that particular mmo that will give them that nostalgia feel and fun factor like the first one they ever played and stuck to but cant seem to find that mmo.

I’m looking forward for BnS tried a bit of it when it came out in china but im not super hyped about it at all after waiting for countless releases of MMO’s that are hyped and getting to play them and they either get ruined by Devs doing a shit job “cough” trion “cough” or just not having enough content at all “cough” Black desert “cough” The golden age for mmos has passed that was back in the early 2000’s, and you may need cheap Blade And Soul Power leveling. I’m somewhat satisfied with Gw2 atm because of friends but im still on the look out for that specific mmo until the day that publishers stop being so greedy for money and actually focus on the game itself and make players have a good time which is really unlikely that’s when will have a what ever killer of w.e mmo. Sorry for the rant might be a little unrelated to the post but i say things how i see them especially when people say/ask will this be a killer of (insert mmo).