This is a weird issue, but if only Blade and Soul is giving you extreme lag (up to a full second to register skill activation), it might be an ASUS bit of software running.
Here’s how to turn it off and fix the game:

1. Hit the START button, and in the search box type: services.msc
2. Locate “ASUSGameFirstService” in the list.
3. Right-click “ASUSGameFirstService” and got to “Properties”
4. Change the “Startup type:” option to “Disabled”
5. Press “Apply”, then “Okay”

That’s it, now you can play Blade and Soul normal.

I have been working on this for weeks! Ive tested internet speeds..changed router/modem…changed port both on router and client…increased router power…upgraded and downgraded windows 10….had a long fought battle with svc host and finally came to the conclusion it was either server side peak hour lag bombs or i had a faulty asus rog g20 motherboard or wireless adapter. I was going to return it tomorrow when i stumbled upon your post with the help of Blade & Soul Power leveling. I am calling asus customer support tomorrow (whom ive spent hours on the phone with for this exact problem) to give them a peice of my mind and inform them their game first service is garbage….maybe ill get a coupon or something! OMG ..you are my hero, truly a champion of gentlemen scholars. why is this program running on a rig thats designed for maximum gaming power…what in the hell does it even do besides skyrocket ping and make games unplayable?