I normally try to catch them in the opening by jumping and pulling them with Z, into a X knockdown. Wait for a second because if they pop their ground counter you can hit them with C to stun them, and get an air combo, but alot of sins will panic and roll or panic and to Buy Blade And Soul Gold. If they panic and roll you can catch their roll with a 2 charge, and then they will tab out 90% of the time. From there try to SS their jump to you. If I can butn their tab AND roll I will tab out of their web and charge on me, then throw them in a heavens blade combo to go for the kill, or atleast heavy heavy damage.

(C) to T3 Form 2 — Instead of hitting only a target, this hits everything up to 8m infront of you, this is important because it can be used to pull assassins out of stealth with some practice. It is important to note though that it costs chi instead of returning chi, so you need to account for that in your combos.

(V) to T2 Form 1– The knockback can push them out of stealth when their ontop of you, you don’t need the T4 version because they don’t have a grapple for it to break.Alternatively, you can attempt to use T4 Form 2 to try and 100-0 the Assassin if you can force them to Tab out of something and then catch them.

Floating Point Goes to Flicker Tier 4 Form 2 — When in draw stance aim ahead of where the assassin is moving and toss a LMB. You have to aim ahead of them because of the netcode of the game. (Even when im on 40 latency I need to aim a bit ahead of Blade And Soul Items.) This helps by reducing movespeed on a hit, not essential, but useful. Alternatively you could put the point into Lightning Draw for the range, and try to do the same thing, aim ahead of them and try to pop them out of stealth. (On the NA patch, Assassin’s have innate evasion on stealth, so even if you hit them, theres a % chance you will miss).