I just quit (at least, for now) FFXIV and have been looking for a new MMO. I watched a few videos about upcoming MMOs and saw Blade & Soul mentioned a few times. I had never heard of it before, so I decided to check it out. And the game looks absolutely amazing! But I know looks can be deceiving…

I love the focus on action combat and avoiding damage rather than face-tanking everything and depending on gear or your healer to keep you alive. I like the mobility it offers and the possibilities of vertical exploration. I also really like the Chinese-fantasy setting for the game. I was surprised I’d never head of this game before since it seems it’s been out in Asia already for a couple years?

Anyways, I am wondering what you all think of Blade & Soul. As far as I know, it’s getting Western release sometime relatively soon, but there’s no exact date yet. Are people excited to play with Blade-Soul Gold? I just haven’t heard much about it yet so I dunno what the general vibe is. Have any of you played it before? Pros/cons or thoughts? Am I getting my hopes up prematurely?


It will probably be one of the top games that can provide you with action oriented open world combat with good PvE and PvP content. I’m not that excited to play it, at least not anymore. It’s quite an old MMORPG already (in terms of the first release version). Still, I think it would be a good game to play while waiting for your awaited MMORPGs (from Korea specifically) to release.

Still waiting for an MMORPG that will blow my mind. I got way too addicted to Dragon Nest combat that I can’t play non-action MMORPGs anymore, and lately I’ve been getting into open world games. So the best combination for me is the combat of DN in an open world game. Black Desert is a good contender, but I heard that PvE content is lacking. Dragon’s Dogma Online should be great for me. Now if only it would come sooner…

I played a very small bit of a private server back in the day, and from what I’ve played and have seen and heard is that the combat is top notch, graphics and animations are smooth, but the rest of the game is sort of standard fare for MMORPGs. The experience will be somewhat similar to TERA imo, I had a ton of fun in the beginning levels in TERA as well because the combat is good, but the later levels dragged on like a ball and chain because of how boring quest was.