So as i’m sure a lot of people have realised the wardrobe is apparently being restricted to premium players. I -REALLY- think this is a terrible idea, and I hope NCSoft can see why, but let me explain.

Firstly, the inventory is restrictive as it is – You don’t get that much space. It is usually occupied with a variety of items that you effectively need to lug around with you at all times. Hammers, buff items, unsealing charms, etc etc. Costumes, you may think are purely cosmetic – They arent in Blade & Soul. Many of them tie in to PvP, restricting what costumes we can carry around is simply frustrating. Frustrating experiences put players off.

Secondly, the endgame doesn’t actually have much going for it outside of PvP. Collecting costumes is an enormous endgame drive, and if you are actively discouraging “hoarding” of costumes by restricting the wardrobe system, Blade-Soul imagine a lot of people, myself included, are going to be really upset with the wardrobe being blocked off.

I know they need to make their money, but will the amount of frustration garnered by locking off the Wardrobe be worth it? I honestly don’t think it will. A healthy player-base encouraged to go out into the world and collect all of the -amazing- outfits and cosmetics in the game is a far better situation for the game to be in.

Before anyone whines about entitlement and such, keep in mind no other region locks the wardrobe behind premium – I genuinely believe this is because cosmetic farming is an enormous part of the endgame that needs to be perserved.


To clarify when I say it is an enormous part of the endgame, I mean for PvE players primarily, but some PvP too. If this game is entirely directed at PvP’ers, it isn’t going to be widely successful. They -need- to give everybody something to do. And cosmetic farming is something a great deal of people enjoy.’

If NCSoft requires some sort of proof regarding the impact cosmetics have on games, look at Tera Onlines success. You can effectively buy any cosmetic item in the game with ingame currency no problem, and yet they are still raking in an incredible amount of cash from it. B&S has the potential to blow that game out of the water if handled correctly… The Wardrobe feature is one of it’s major hooks.

Yep, another one… Another reason this should not be restricted in my opinion is due to the concept of “Whales” in free to play games. That is, the vast majority of people spend very little, however a minority of people spend a ridiculous amount of money. This has been observed in basically every F2P game, mobile games thrive on it, etc etc. My point is, with the ability to change your outfit anywhere in the game world so conveniently, it will encourage F2P players to actually purchase BNS Gold with NCoin. If you have restricted inventory space for cosmetics, that person might go. “Hmm, I guess i’ll stick to one outfit i really like” instead of continuously changing.

Thanks for all the replies. Keep this conversation going honestly, the only way for NCSoft to see our thoughts is to make them visible. Sadly I don’t use the Blade And Soul Power leveling, but I may need to make one just to repeat this there and make sure it is seen.