The name reservations were promised without any sort of catch. Nobody knew that several GMs would get seven names each before the players, at any time, until the very day before. That’s a bit of bad business.

The reason for the names being taken was shown as “to prevent people from selling the names for big money”. This is nothing but a poor excuse unfortunately. The names were chosen for personal use, and on multiple occasions I have seen tweets saying they took it because they “liked it” or it “came to mind”. How can you take 7 names away from the players, then turn around and claim it’s for their own good? That’s a very bad message to the community to get some Blade & Soul Items. Plus, what hidden algorithm is telling us that a name like “Saber” is a dangerous name that people would sell, whereas a name like “Ahri” or “Asuka” would not be sold? That alone makes the excuse fall apart at the seams.

The part that bothers me the most isn’t the big response, it was actually the initial reply that he just took 6 random names past Saber because they’re popular and popped into his head, on both regions for that matter. People paid for this opportunity and have been planning for it, but go ahead and just takes dozens/hundreds of names because you can, GMs. Glad to know we’re paying for what’s left over – if the point was to make original names that no one would fight over, then we didn’t need a reservation period at all.

Even then if GM’s got special privileges towards reserving names they should of probably been allowed 1 or 2 more then the master pack owners. I understand that they work for the company and should be allowed something but I mean 7 names? Are they really going to play 7 characters? Specially when hongmoon levels are introduced?