I prefer Black Desert over Blade & Soul. While the B&S alpha was alright, I can see the P2W features a mile away and while most people are complacent with that, it’s too much for me.

I’d rather B2P like with Guild Wars 2 and not face things like bots and P2W shops while still being able to further support the game with a cash shop for cosmetics.

Also these two games are wholly different from each other. Other than both of them being MMORPGs, there’s really not a lot to compare. Blade & Soul is largely based around it’s dungeons where Black Desert doesn’t have any and instead opts for world bosses. There’s also a lot of other things to do in Black Desert to gain EXP (fishing, farming crops, merchant trading, ect) that B&S simply doesn’t have.

When it comes down to it it’s really all about what you want personally in a game because no one will force you to put up with something you don’t enjoy

You can pay as much as you want in BnS but i will still own your sorry butts with free account in arena if you two are so noob that you think those things are pay to win.

On the contrary, BDO is a huge farming game and open world pvp is the ultimate end game. If i am willing to get more Blade & Soul Items, i can pay farmers to farm for me and since main pvp are gear based and skill cap is lower than BnS, i will literally own you with my bought gear. This is why BnS arena has equalized gear so gear doesn’t matter in serious competition.

If you think buy to play stop this… easily get around with. A guild can be a farming guild who ally with a pvp guild for protection. Then the farmers can easily feed items to the buyers. Even if the admins find out, how do they verify it? Its not like theme park games where if you sell a high price thing for 1coin, its obviously suspicious. Here guilds ally and make concessions all the time similar to Eve online.