The middle one isn’t decent at all, I know you’re trying to be helpful, but OP please, IF after a purchase of 75 euros (I’m euroman, so that’s what we’re using), you’d EVER over the lifetime of BnS think you’ll spend 45 euros in subscription, NCoin purchases, or even NCoin purchases for other games, do not listen to this guy.

Initiate = if you want to play in beta weekends but don’t feel like spending too much money (completely fine!)

Disciple = if you don’t know how to math or feel like giving NCSoft money for no reason, or you don’t want to spend more than 75 euros over the lifetime of the game, but do want to spend it all in one go, as a sort of one-time purchase.

Master = Best value for money if you’re ever going to spend that much, pay 45 euros more than Disciple, and you will get 60 euros worth of NCoin more (already 15,- profit on the first point), 2 months of sub for free (yes im using free, the NCoin already broke us even need Blade And Soul Gold), free skins, higher premium tier, more bagslots, more character slots, second name reservation slot, an extra customization voucher, and some shitty title.
So if you’re going beyond initiate, go all the way and roll master, you’re likely the kind of guy that would buy NCoin or subscription over the course of the game anyways, you’ve just saved money in the long run.


The CBT access and 3 day headstart are fairly straight forward, if you’re interested enough in the game then the initiate pack is all you need. If you think that you’ll really like the game but still a little hesitant whether you’ll commit in the long run, then the Disciple pack is probably what you want. I don’t care too much about the titles and stuff, but I do really like the idea of the Name Reservation slot. Being the only one in your region across all servers with your specific name is pretty neat. The few extra char slots are probably great too. 2 is way too little.

Perhaps the price is a little steep, but you do get a bunch of things out of it, so it’s just a matter of playing the game enough to justify the price. The game will be F2P anyway, so it’s only a one time thing.

If you know you’ll be hardcore, just go for the expensive one I guess. In yesterday’s livestream they said you get 90 EUR worth of NCcoins or whatever they are called in the pack and you get a bunch of extra stuff, so it’s probably worth it.