Blade and soul is a game with a very obvious catering to the male audience, especially when it comes to the costumes that get released within the games hongmoon store, but why is it that companys feel the need to over-charge players for cosmetics that are especially character bound in their current state? NCsoft have said that they are planning to make the costumes tradable across account characters, but to what end? will this be a free thing? or are they going to charge us for the ability to use an item on the costume in order to trade it to an account character?

The latest costumes to come in is for the valentines day event in which for the females, the costume simply involves a half unbuttoned shirt and a possible “accessory” to the costume to differentiate each “race”, but since the costume is bundled with a few other items with the main thing being the glasses, the package ends up costing 2k Blade & Soul Gold which results to £20 or $30 which is just getting to a point of being ridiculous for mearly paying for a shirt, something I could buy 2 of at town for that price.

Just looking at the costume prices in the above screenshot, you can see that the price of these costumes are actually completely doubled from some of the other costumes in the shop, and this isn’t exactly based on anything more than the fact that it’s “this costume”, by which I mean its the “valentines” costume, aka a white shirt.

It makes me wonder sometimes just how far some companys are willing to go before it gets to a point where it’s just blatantly obvious that they’re trying too hard to nickel and dime every possible paying player, except instead of actually making them reasonably affordable (so let’s be honest, costumes should not be getting any higher than the 1.2k mark which has already happened and they’re still character bound, if this changes and doesn’t cost anything to trade between alts then I will actually consider it fairly reasonable) they would rather charge out the eyeballs so the players that do buy it are very minimal, we all understand that companys need to actually be able to make money, but since when was having reasonable prices for pure cosmetics ever an impossible job to handle?

Blade & Soul

Hopefully the prices on costumes don’t get any higher than 1.4k, as even now I’m very hesitant on actually purchasing them from the hongmoon store as I’m sure many others are, we have much older games such as Perfect world with mix and match style costume purchases that still end up being cheaper than these current costumes and they were all tradable among other players as well. More recent games like Tera have character bound costumes aswell, but the difference there was that they are quite reasonable in their price and they were quite able to be bought off of other players with in-game money providing you didn’t mind saving up for a bit.

It’s not only things like costumes that players aren’t happy with the pricing, but the overall model of the game for things such as bank space and the wardrobe which is locked to premium players only, whereas other versions of BnS have more bank space unlocked without having to pay up straight away and the wardrobe is free from the get Blade & Soul Power leveling. If I can bring a comparison from BnS to Tera, I can say that Tera did it the right way with how bank space was managed, mostly because its shared across your entire account and has more than enough room for what you could possibly want to store, then when the game went F2P they didn’t completely overcharge you to get all 4 bank spaces unlocked, but on BnS the bank slots cost way more than enough for each row to be unlocked and that’s just for a single character.

Inventory and bank space is heavily used on BnS, the problem is escalated further when you consider the fact that there is so many costume pieces and accessories to get, both from the game and cash shop that not having premium will leave you having to potentially dump some costume/accessory or just skip out on getting some completely which can be very frustrating for players, hopefully NCsoft will actually properly take into consideration all of the complaints on both their forums and other media outlets as opposed to just ignoring everyone, thus ending up with unhappy and possibly less players.