I’m someone who usually spends some money on f2p games if I enjoy them but Blade-Soul can’t see anything I would want to spend money on in this game. All they seem to do is try to inconvenience and annoy me into paying, there’s nothing that I can spend my money on and feel good about spending it.

Making me keep the subscription active just to get access to the wardrobe? no thanks

10 trade limit a day that I can double with sub? no thanks there shouldn’t be a trade limit at all.

forcing me to buy ‘ncoins’ and ofc mismatching the coin packs with the cost of the subscription? NO thanks, don’t make me buy spacebucks just to be able to buy 30 days subscription.

a mobile game style vip system? no thanks
Still having to buy bagspace even if you pay the monthly fee? no thanks, one or the other , not both. Especially since the game is clearly designed to flood your inventory with junk and different materials and even has that ‘overflow’ nagscreen when you make use of the last line of storage in inventory.

I spent money on warframe on some skins and warframe slots , I buy the compendium every year in dota, I didn’t mind the sub in wow very much, I was happy to buy gw2 when it was buy2play, I bought bagspace in vindictus because there I could spend 15 euros and get all the bagspace I could ever need for that money.
But the monetisation scheme in this game is crap, it’s not offering me BNS Gold, it’s just holding basic quality of life features hostage and throwing every single mobile game freemium monetisation scheme at me. That’s not how you make a sale, that’s how you’ll turn people away.

It’s kind of surprising, I thought that these arbitrary inconvenience barriers were something that died on pc in f2p games many years ago, feels like something out of the early-mid 2000s