PvE enemies you face will stun, block, and do attacks that you need to block/evade. Basically PvE is like PvPing vs noobs. So it’s pretty fun and mastering them is kind of an elementary prerequisite to be good in PvP.

There are a bunch of tricks in leveling so you can reach act 3 extremely quickly. Even without XP boost I can reach act 3 in a weekend pretty easily (still sleep and eat like a normal person too). Here’s some tips:

1) Study the weapon growth path and efficient ways to level them. If you power spike your weapon efficiently by grinding/buying the right things, you will save a TON of time by just owning things ridiculously fast and AoE quest mobs.

2) Know the right AoE combo and how to use all your avoidance skills so you can AoE things down efficiently. Many solo instances might take 15~30 minutes to do if you kill each enemy 1 at a time like a noob. Yet, if you’re good and try to skip everything and AoE things down (without dying), it may only take 5~10 minutes.

3) Efficient quest paths. Always take all the quests, but always do only quests that are worth your time. Drop quests if they’re out of your way.

You will have to level up to the cap to unlock all of your skills and get Blade-Soul Gold. You’ll also need to level Hongmen level, that’s what goes after cap, up to 10 I think. You’ll unlock additional skill points and you can also master some skills, which require specific books and those aren’t easy to get. You might do well in PvP before reaching it, all depends on your sills. Well, I take this PvP competitive, we’ll see how good the players will be in the West, so far I sometimes struggle in TW version, but it’s hella fun.