While this is true and I’m not debating whether macro usage is bannable or not, there’s virtually no way for NCSoft to enforce macro violations. If they allow Synapse for instance, they can’t ban the use of only specific portion of the software’s functionality, because quite frankly, there’s no way to detect it other than embedding pattern recognition on their services (which is dumb) or having Razer enable Synapse to send user’s private data to NCSoft (which is also made no sense), you either ban the entire software or you don’t, there’s no middle ground.

There’s also a bunch of input products out there that provides internal memory for macros (like some older Razer products even), which means it does not involve any form of 3rd party software whatsoever; which also mean that using macros in this way is not covered by the ToS.

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True. Sadly Razer Synapse does not work with Blade and Soul anymore. it messes everything up when i tried to open it (market place will bugged and you cannot see chat from any other people other than ‘Say’). Heck they even told us in the mean time to uninstall Razer Synapse to fix the problem. Good point you made there by the way

Now, as for SS, that is two actions in on tick. Does it give you an unfair adventage? No, at least I don’t think to Buy Blade And Soul Gold. Regardless, I’d rather just avoid it if I were you (this is what NCSoft would make me say, in reality 1 ticking 2 actions is easy as hell, you can do it, just make sure that it doesn’t give you an unfair adventage).

Not sure if your mouse supports random variables for press times, but if it does you really have nothing to worry about. I don’t think GameGuard would be able to pick up anything like 1 ticking 2 actions, else we wouldn’t have any bots in game (animation cancelling can be 2 ticking too).

I would think yes, since i got caught in the ban wave a couple of days ago (i was innocent ofc, besides having a macro) and i got unbanned the next day, and they didn’t mention macro or anything.