Hi guys. Blade-Soul has a very specific question for you today. In light of the new WL class release I’m considering rolling out a new char and there’s something I’ve wanted to ask for a while now:

Which classes are the most capable of adjusting to different circumstances? Is there a class that actually uses different skill builds? A class that gears anything OTHER than “crit”?

I’m sick and tired of using the same cookie-cutter build all the time. For a game with an actual skill tree, a plethora of different stats (just press “P” and you’ll see like 20 of them), and dozens of gems, the game appears awfully superficial to me on planning/build/theory-craft front. I’m not talking about execution, the game game obviously has amazing action system in place. But in terms of creating a build for your class, and choosing the right soul shields/gems there’s absolutely no variety as far as I can tell. Maybe it’s just the class I play, but it seems very odd to me that no change in the environment (different dungeons in PvE, or different classes in PvP) warrants a huge change in the way you build the class.

Blade & Soul

Isn’t it strange that no class wants defensive stats, for example? Even “tanks”? Why aren’t threat-generating skills enough for aggro and instead “dishing out damage” is the main requirement for a tank? Why are there different stats or items in the game, at all, if everything comes down to Health, Accuracy, Crit?

Anyway, I’m getting slightly off-topic. When I first saw the skill-tree system of BNS I thought it would provide an awesome field for optimization, personals style and adapting. The class I play has 1 build and 1 combo. For everything. Or it just may seem so to me, I’m a noob. I’d like a new class that changes that paradigm, a class that has variety in builds and play-styles. I’d like to be able to build a class differently and gain benefits from that.

So, which classes posses the most diverse skill-tree, with the most numerous, viable options for planning and play?