My buddy is experiencing similar. It’s to the point where if he enters a dungeon, he freezes and disconnects immediately. And it didn’t use to be that way. In Blade-Soul, he played perfectly well. Then at launch he would sometimes have disconnects on loading screens. Now it is unplayable.

He does have an Asus computer, but he went through their recommended fixes, but that didn’t do anything. He recently restored his OS, for no effect. My latest recommendation is to update to Win 10 and do a complete hard drive reformat. Not sure if he’ll do it, but there ya go. Anyone have anything else for him to try?

Don’t worry about your rig, the game itself is known to have optimization issues on different builds. Sadly among the many who can run the game just fine, some of us just had to get the bad apples in the basket.

I have an really good rig and my fps is so bad in poh / bsh 24 man and Blackwyrm, hell even in 6 man dungeons I should be at 120 fps.

I dont know if it ever will change but it is frustrating having to deal with FPS issues when you have an RIG which can handle Witcher 3 all maxed etc with steady 120 fps

Compared between the Taiwan version and this version, I could honestly say the game runs better on the former. I’m not sure if it’s because the build we’re on is not up to snuff like Taiwan in terms of optimization, might get better when we get the 50 content?