So far, I’ve used over 120 profane essences trying to get the profane outfit. I have 63 profane weapon boxes, a ton of soul shield boxes, and I’ve gotten both adornments, but still haven’t gotten the outfit to drop

Been farming pinchy since headstart for the outfit and still haven’t gotten it. But a guildmate of mine is a rng God… He’s had 2 skill books (one being lightning draw), noble of the sea, and a few pirate kings drop for him. Now every time he calls calls for bsh4 I go hoping his rng will rub off on me and drop cobalt hair

Since i reach hm4 (1 days ago) , i start to transmuting gems , hexagonal gems , yes the one who fail cost you around 2g per fail , since yesterday for ever 20 fails i got 1 chest , i open that chest and guess what kind of Blade & Soul Gold do you want most , a stupid hp recovery gem or 120 additional damage to a knockdown or stuned enemy , after spending 100g , i decided to buy my gems

I got Dark Scholar after 2 tries that only cost me 16G so that wasn’t too bad compared to some spending 200G but still nothing. I got Black Padded Coat with 33 boxes, as opposed to done guildies who spent $150+ but didn’t get it. I also got Best Friend outfit with spare coins wish I used to purchase 9 boxes.

I am truly beloved by RNJesus. The only thing I’ve had to truly farm for, and got frustrated with was the enlightened ring from Mushin tower. I ended up just buying it for 200 tokens. Other than that, I really am extremely lucky, but I usually am lucky in games, so I expected that.

RNGesus is with me, mostly. Never used more than 3 tries to get evo/breakthrough material for weapons/jewlery.
Over 2k Hongmoon coins gathered from Venture Tokens.

I actually have every evo/bt item needed to get my Blade And Soul Power leveling to true pirate… But here I am, with 100 soulstones and 70g in the bank with Awakened Siren 10 Weapon/Ring, other stuff still infernal.