Blade and soul had a few unknown or confusing elements to me, one of those being I wasn’t fully aware of the F8 system back around the level 20 region when I hit my first purple dungeon, I ended up having a friend tell me about it when I told her I was having some trouble with those dragon pillars with trying to get a party with it, though I mention this as when I hit level cap on here I was somewhat fairly lost in what to do, I ended up googling and youtubing up a guide and fortunately found out everything I needed, though I wasn’t expecting to have to do such a thing when the game is still fairly “new” in its current stage.

The issue I had was the best way to go about starting, which I had figured out was to do the “24 man dungeons” which is basically a field zone as opposed to a dungeon where people can go in and out at will in order to get their much needed Blade & Soul Gold, one of the dungeons for the most part is just there for dailys to generate an income after you have got your blue shields as the other 24man field dungeon has shields you can get aswell, except that they’re better, the only real difference in the fields is that I think the mobs have more health than the other, thus making it more of a pain to get through if you’re solo.

Outside of the mob killing daily quests in there, there’s also the dailys to kill all of the bosses in the field dungeon in which you will continue to kill them afterwards anyway in an effort to get all of your blue (or if you’re lucky, purple) shields amongst other items in the box’s that they all drop. The most strange thing to get used to in these fields was all of the Dragon Jumps scattered about and remembering where each of them landed you, ideally you would click on one of them on your map and it would show you where it lands you, doing this was all a necessity as you would need to get to each boss as they spawn without wasting too much time as there’s always that chance they could be dead as you get there.

For the most part in these 24man fields, you will find your self mainly going from boss to boss, which can result in a lot of “zergy” based boss fights, the game is optimized nicely until you find your self with like 15+ other players all trying to kill the boss which can result in a good fps dip, there is a “optimize for combat” option on the graphics settings, but then a friend also told me to just “Ctrl+F” which completely hides other players apart from their names, the only things you see from them is the potential skill effects landing on the boss for example, outside of trying to get better frames though, this also really helps if you’re a melee character that really needs to pay attention to all of the ground aoes that the bosses do so you can react accordingly.

Mushins tower is something I was looking forward to playing through, as soon as I got my True Profane weapon I decided to give it a whirl, I got up to stage 7 without much issues but that’s where I repeatidly got my arse handed to me over and over again, I even took to youtube to see if I could figure out a few things and the only thing I managed to see was that after the boss does 3 forward aoe sword swings, he will do a counter after so I needed to be careful not to hit, along with discovering more mechanics to look out for I got to the point where I could finally understand what was going on, though I still didn’t defeat him at the time as I was lacking damage so what I need to practise on is my burst damage.

I’ve not came across many games that offer a good solo challenge and there is going to be a floor 8 on the next patch aswell. So far for a game that’s been out for around a month, it seems to have a good amount to do and that’s with more content and the warlock class coming up on march 2nd.

Outside of the somewhat tedium of seeing the consistent human based enemies all the time, I actually don’t have many complaints about the game in its current stage, it seems to have something for everyone to do with Blade And Soul Power leveling, be it Arena 1v1 or 3v3s, single player content, a nice amount of dungeons to do or field instances, it’s still early days for me and I do have my gripes with a couple dungeon bosses that seem to have skills with little to no reaction time that hit for big damage, but fortunately if you do go down from “cheap” tricks like that then your party members should generally be able to help you out in those areas.

So before this turns into too much of a book, the only thing I can say is what’s in the title, is this game what you expected? do you have any gripes with the game or are you just simply enjoying it for what it’s worth? personally I’m just happy enough that the game finally reared its ugly head into releasing, especially while there has been somewhat of a dry spell in MMOs to some length anyway.