It refers to the practice of players in accordance with their wishes to learn new martial arts or martial arts intensive behavior. After 15, after the completion of Chapter 17. Wizards eight trials, they can practice. After each upgrade, you can gain 1 point to practice. Use of the points, can comprehend the new martial arts or martial arts to strengthen existing.

Blade and soul Blade master brush Mushin’s Tower Layer 7 BOSS Zheng Zhongsheng, the point is to touch through his attack mode, timely block to use fanzhen his attack with BNS Gold, so he BNS Gold dizziness while we can also use the fire reincarnation sword gas, hanbok latest version can be used continuously stab the sword after a successful block, so back Jianqi effect after fanzhen very good, finished back then pierced Jianqi 3, the output is very impressive.

The only place to note is that the ground is not put mine Jianqi block, but he can not come out before Jianqi interrupted. Finally Jianqi outbreak Zheng Zhongsheng surround Jianqi body when he is invincible, but the scope of damage, a little away from him to the point will not be explosive. He burst after completing 4 even cut, block can be broken sword style full guard.