Youll never find a company who uses “we don’t know” or “We dont have that information” without a secondary route as their first step of communication. Asking for screenshots of the process’ is so they have actual data to use. I have used support twice, both answered my inquiries immediately and fixed the issues.

Your issue hasn’t been taken care of in your entitled mindset and looking for a reason to whine BNS Gold. Next thing you know I’ll see a thread saying “LOL NCSOFT DOESNT KNOW”, follow the instructions, don’t make blanket assumptions, or at least come to understand the process, or don’t ask for any help at all.

I’d really appreciate it if you not take this shitty, annoying tone with my posts that I’ve noticed you taking with others simply because you don’t agree with what they have to say. Calling me entitled for simply wanting an answer to my question and implying I would proceed to make ridiculous shitposts? Lol, nice joke. If the thread is triggering you that much then don’t post on it, honestly.

Let me just say that the only reason why I’m taking issue with the way NCSoft responded to my ticket is simply because it feels as though they’re not reading what I’m saying. They’re not acknowledging the question at hand presented in the first ticket. Like I said (or implied, rather), I’m not against providing them information if they actually acknowledge what I’m saying.

Deflection, the point wasn’t that you’re acting entitled for wanting an answer, it’s the fact you got an answer and didn’t like it. “CHANGE COMPANY POLICY BECAUSE, I, WITH ALL OF THE PICTURE, DEMAND IT”. Seriously, have you ever worked for customers before? When you provide a service. You lack some pretty significant experience from the sounds like it.

Your answer was not organic because they don’t have a proper pre-approved response to give you Blade & Soul Items. They need more information, send it to them, otherwise you’re wasting, their time, my time, and your time with this obnoxiousness.