NCSOFT introduces the Bladedancer another class of Blade & Soul ago. The Blade dancer combines high attack speed, enormous flexibility and effective control capabilities, but at the cost of defense. He has attitude and damage the blade master and combines them with Elemental Focus and stacking bonuses.

“Blade dancer rush across the battlefield and try to completely avoid damage. They have physical and mystical abilities and are thus able to dominate a fight even before the opponent has realized the situation. The high attack speed and the ability to chain attacks make the BNS Gold become one of the most dangerous opponents in single combat while primarily he scores in the group with his mass control.

However, the blade dancers must always its concentration in the eye retain and slow at times, because otherwise he runs the risk that it runs out of steam and it can oppose the counterattack nothing more. “Blade & Soul is in this country on January 19, 2016 at 6:00 clock (CET) as a free-to- go play title to the starting line.