I have to agree, they quite obviously are literally making things up as they go along, having watched their streams and other media its like every week they clearly say one thing then the following week its some thing entirely different

I dont know if you do this on purpose or not, but 1 your forum post will make no difference 2 you can also blame the playerbase who yells out in faction and clan that you certainly need pirate to progress. To which my logic said well thats impossible that just because i couldnt play 24/7 to pay more for Blade And Soul Gold. And my logic was right. So all i can tell you dude is get yourself a paper bag and yell in it, then we shall listen to it later. Or just quit already cause ur annoying.

For further infortmation the daily dash scheme was also player speculation just like evrytuing you brought up here. Play the game instead of reading news, not sleeping to rush upgrades all to follow a herd of people who have no idea whats coming or what they doing.

The current board was set up in a way that implied it would not be April the 6th and a new one would be started before/after that date. Also, stop selectively reading:

“Depending on what stage you are at with your weapon, come Silverfrost Mountains, you will have two options on how you want your weapon to progress. Those who have already upgraded their weapons with endgame materials will skip ahead, while those who have yet to begin progressing at endgame will jump directly to the new system.” <–that’s how you read them and it still holds true even if the order was reversed because neither is false