I have been using a basic macro to solo grind dungeons for the past week now. Its so basic, it just repetedly spams 3 buttons(no timing delays), my fingers get tired very quickly trying to animation cancel as a sin for hours on end.

Everything used to work fine up until yesterdays update. Now whenever i go to use my macro, my entire game lags or crashes when i press it. It goes away the second i release the macro button. Normally Blade-Soul use the basic razer synapse macro program from the deathadder, but I have tried multiple different macro programs and regardless, i get a massive fps lag (from 60fps to about 5fps).

The obvious solution is to not use a macro, of course. However i do not feel it is cheating or unfair in PVE. If you have ever tried a sin, its one of the faster anicancels in the game, , and stressful on both hands.

Has anyone else been experiencing something like this with basic macro’s? Did they impliment some anti macro thing into the game on the last update? They keep saying every update they are getting more and more compatable with Razer producs…yet every update i have more and more issues with it.

I’m just warning you that if you get caught with it, you very welly could get banned, and admitting to it on a forum that NCSoft employees look at is NOT a smart idea if you don’t want to get caught. What you do with the warning is your business.