Depends on what NA gonna do for their Legendary / Paragon Weapons…… but regardless, once you into the that category, your progress will be drastically slower, slower and slower. Eventually becomes Pay4Gear or Live-In-Game.

Guess what, you’ll be naive if you think that’s it. The bottomless pit isn’t Weapon, it’s Soul and the new Guardian Pet. These two alone will cost WAY more than say, a Chokma / Pacheon Legendary.

As for PvE, if you look at the schedule of KR for the past 3 years, it’s quite fucking pathetic. BUT there are enough dungeons around and still going with Blade & Soul Gold. There’s nothing to worry about in this area, just worry about yourself facing the eventual gear-discrimination XD

One of the most complex dungeons, the Forgotten Tomb, just got nerfed in KR last week, so there’s that, by the time you get to these late Silverfrost contents, you either gonna be OP or they’ve been nerfed…… I am PvE Hardcore btw and I still loving it in KR…

But i’m scared to invest so much time just to get punched in the face at the end. I mean. What endgame is there? Seeing as there are not alot of equipment options, Getting the maxed out when ur maxed lvl shouldn’t take that long. So once u got your gear evolved to the point it can’t go further. What else is there to do for PVE? in other mmorpg’s i played there was always this 1 item or drop that could be better then what you had. but that’s not the case here

End game in BnS is as rewarding as the best MMO’s can get Blade And Soul Power leveling. Progression, achievements, gaining stats/ranks, the time you put into the game will reflect on your account and ability to do later end-game content in the future. Right now getting to 45 and getting all the necessary things done is pretty easy and might not be that rewarding, but the journey getting there was still worth it and fun for me at least. This is one of the best MMO’s out there that isn’t driven by a greedy business model.