In NA the top 4servers+ have hit cap with many memebers in que.In EU the top 3 servers+ have hit cap with many users in que.Since there is a que and the cap is 7k,there is not much difference in choose windrest to ebon hall or windrest to starfall etc…Some of us people joined mushin and windrest at headstart cuz that was the “goto” server and later(now) we have found out that them 2 servers are not the “goto” ones with Blade And Soul Gold. We just wasted our head start and now are waiting for items to be transferred.

Anyways there is cross pvp arena,marketplace,dungeons.Only thing difference to the server you stick to may be world pvp, farming legendaries later on,and also fraction pvp but that is about it.Oh yaa and also guild :p

Also another thing is, premium members will accumulate most of the 7k in mushin and windrest.So will be hard for f2p players, imo they need to increase cap.There is like 100+premium people in queue and like 1500 non-prem+ in queue on same server lol.

As a pleb, I will only start playing tomorrow and I’m still not 100% sure on what server I should play. I am EU. I’d really like to know what is the most populated server, as well as the second most populated one AND also, and sorry for asking too much, what server is Laguna playing on. I recently saw him playing but I don’t even know if he is from America or Europe lol.

You will definately lagg, I get few lags here and there when using Blade & Soul Power leveling sometimes and i am in england and the server for eu is located in germany which is pretty close.The usa one is in dallas which is alooooot far away, and there will even be lagg even if u play on one of the lowest populated ones.