Thats very nice in fact. i also have bought an extra of 33 bags which i was not aware and has already submitted my ticket 2 days ago. but their response asking if i want to transfer my BNS Items from Windrest to another server which i find to be annoying since its clear they did not read what i wrote and just copy and paste.

Thank you for contacting the Blade and Soul support team! For us to be able to assist you with this request, please provide the following information

Name and server of the character to which you would like to transfer the name and Founder’s pack. Please make sure to create this character beforehand.
Do you want to have the name on your character from Mushin/Windrest to be transferred to the character we’ll be granting the Founder’s Pack to? (Please note that doing so will result in the deletion of the character that is on Mushin/Windrest)

As we will be deleting the original Mushin/Windrest character, do you have any NCoin purchases applied to that character that you would like us to refund (gifted items and Premium Membership excluded)?

Please be aware that this is a one-time request for characters on Mushin/Windrest only. This transfer will not copy over gained levels, non-Founder’s Pack gear/items, or any forms of character progression R4PG BNS Gold Store. Premium Memberships and Titles however are account-wide, and will not need to be transferred.”