As we all know, making BSN Gold is very important in a game, and blade & soul is without exception. When your character goes to high level, it needs more Blade And Soul Gold to strengthen weapons or accessories. But how to level up fast in blade and soul ? Here, we share some tips with BNS players.

Like other MMOs, most of the progression comes from quests that you must complete. These quests can give you various rewards that is benefit for you, such as experience, ingredients and materials.

1. During Lv5 – Lv10, you need to finish all available quests. After finishing some quests, they will drop stones that you can use in the Wheel of Fortune system.
The stones function like tickets for the Wheel of Fortune. The stones will provide a random item to you after you have spun the wheel. These items are very important sometimes. For example, they are essential materials for strengthening your weapon. In that case, you need to repeat to do the quest to farm the stones.

2. After finishing side quests, you can get unique reward, such as soul shields which can help you gain strength and more experience.

3. Spend some time in grinding mobs. It is best to grind mobs on Lv10 – Lv15. You can gain more experience through grinding mobs, and you can’t get this experience from finishing quests. The Dragon Soup items can boost the experience that you gain from combat, so you can grind mobs with the Dragon Soup together to gain more experience.

4. Group up other players to grind the same area, and then you can finish grind easily.

5. Build the right character. Leveling up depends on two factors: how much AOE damage that your class has to Buy BNS Gold, and the defensive strength of your class. I think you won’t expect to move ahead with a poorly equipment and low defensive strength.

6. It is necessary to strengthen your weapon with gems and accessories, even if your level is high, since you need to improve your damage ability.

All in all, you may level up slowly at first stage (Lv1 – Lv10), and then speed up fast at high-level. When you reach Lv45 or Lv45+, you can take the game at your own pace, and use your way to reach Lv50.