Tried reducing latency by picking VPN’s closer to Blade And Soul (US east coast hosted) yesterday, my ping actually increased and I have access to a loooooot of tunnels.
IF you wanted to use a VPN to tunnel through you’d have to have a dedi that you only use for that purpose and isn’t shared with anyone else on a gigabit line.
You’d pay roughly 200 bucks a month for that.

The best way to reduce your ping a bit the old fashion way is 1) switch DNS servers if your ISP has slow DNSes, 2) Flush your BNS Gold every now and then (you could make a scheduled script for that, its just one command in cmd, ipconfig /flushdns ) 3) reduce hops in your o

As I understood it, people will be able to connect to you via VPN too, so thats pretty critical if you don’t know your way around VPN Services and how to block stuff. But hey, it’s free.