Poison breath has shorter cd, but it might miss or not hit because its not direction-targeting skill, that means you can’t just spam it and do other things very quick.

choke bomb has longer cd, but it provides you instant cast and 100% hit when you cast it ( unless boss is invincible atm)

now, just forget about choke bomb and poison breath BNS Gold, your LB gives 1 stack of poison right after the boss is not under 5 stacks

of poison, Z+ 3 +X(stealth) then another 5 stacks of poison, and because 3 and LB’s cd are shorter than 10 sec, you are able to

cast them every time you finish 5 stacks of poison.

For most of bosses, you can find lots of chances to get 1 stack of poison from poison shuriken if you do iframe bosses’ skill. cast

Q, E either C, another 5 stacks of poison without Z which has longer cool down.

LB -> 3 3 -> z -> tab -> X -> 4 another 5 stacks of poison, and what if your 3 didn’t crit? use iframe skills to get poison shuriken.

only if your Z is in cd, your 3 doesn’t crit, you will need to stay in stealth more than usual. but if your crit rate is around 60%, its not a big deal.

I also get into stealth RB+F, but never stay longer than 3 sec during boss fight to Buy Blade And Soul Gold. Because I can get 5 stacks of poison very fast.

btw, I don’t really understand why everyone wanna get as much chi as possible, your X, RB, LB, F already gives you infinite chi all the time.

the instaheal from poison breath still can’t cover the lost of hp in yeti tho. better dodge everything