If I’m reading correctly, someone mentioned prior to the 5>6 second reduction of 4 CD you couldn’t use it twice in a row. However, keep in mind the CD is now 24 seconds, not 12. We get a mini Profane like buff now, and it seems the amount of chi regen is more than we used to get? I’ve noticed since I’ve bound my rmb to t as well for spamming more quickly I get chi starved unless good procs, so I would hope this isn’t a nerf haha.

You are thinking of the wrong tree. The middle tree currently goes to 12 second cooldown, but after that skill patch it will become 24 second cooldown again. The 3rd tree (which is currently used for our patch for Blade And Soul Gold) is 6 second cooldown and the 5 poison lightning pierce bonus reduces cooldown by 5 seconds (which means there is a small portion of a second that is still left over where it’s on cooldown currently if you ani-cancel properly). This change, to make it 6 second CD reduction instead of 5 seconds, means no matter how fast you ani-cancel you will always get it off cooldown again after lightning pierce.

I looked through the 3.0 patch notes, and the Turning Leaf (body swap) did not gain that effect. It was put on Shadowslip (F) and Shadowstep (F, the one that dazes/knocks down). It wasn’t put on Turning Leaf (although that would be pretty great). Those changes, however, were not given to us in our version… which sucks

Acrid star is the green poison shuriken that you get when you evade an attack. Not the one that procs Sneak Attack. The change from generating 1 focus to 4 is a huge buff for PvP. Awakened Lightning Pierce is mostly PvE buffs, but it is useful against summoners cause we get some Blade & Soul Gold. Not much, but anything is better than what we currently have. Not really much other than the acrid star change for PvP, just minor damage buffs.

For PvE, the 5 second to 6 second change is extremely noticeable since currently we can’t do RMB+F+4 twice in a row even with the 1 second CD.