Idk why you are worried so much about 2 man dungeons since there are too little throughout your entire leveling path,any class with their current level gear will be able to tank the 2-man dungeons while you’re dpsing in stealth. When you get to 6-man and 4-man dungeons you won’t have to worry about that,anyone else can tank,either be it a destroyer,or a blade master to Buy BNS Gold,or a summoner,or a KFM. Sin’s are useful in group PvE,they can put smokescreen on the ground (blocks projectiles and aoe heal if spec’d),you can pull meditating/near death state party members with your flower,you can also pull a large group of monsters with your flower if they have a stack of poison on them,etc.

First of all I would like to say that 190 ms its really bad for SIN, cuz thier damage output depends alot in the attack speed.

I’d say you will be in disadvantage in 1v1, but maybe you could outplay someone, but its gonna be hard for you.

In PvE, you will be even more behind IMO; the primary contribution of a SIN in party play its the raw damage, we have ‘decent’ utility: smoke screen its pretty good, flower not so much cuz we simply dont have the skill points at the moment.

our CC its MEEEEH, cuz again, we need to spec into CC, and that affects our DPS (ground mine for grenade, poison slash for shadow slash, lighting rod into stun, spinal stab etc)

At this point in NA, it doesnt really matter cuz this content its easy and YES, you can cheese out all the current dungeons with Cheap BNS Gold, even pohwaran can be done solo by SIN but… with 190ms it will take forever but it can be done

Just think about it, you will be doing like 50-60% less damage than someone with native ping