I’m using legendary with similar skill bonus in CN even though at the beginning, most people went for Leech. It’s only later when the version with bonus damage on 4 became more and more common.

Generally across classes what I’ve seen is that the white version/CD reduction version are for R4PG BNS Gold Store, and black version/damage are for sustained builds. There are people who go for the less common one for whatever reason, but they still get into party.

50% reduced CD on Leech is insanely good for full Dark Build, considering HM RMB reduces Wingstorm CD by 2 secs, and an extra 2 secs while in Siphon State and gives an additional spectral orb.

12 Seconds Siphon State > 12 Seconds no Siphon state > 12 secs Siphon state.

I mean, it depends though on the CD reset skill on the Black weapon with Blade & Soul Gold. How often that happens, because I can’t even remotely imagine the reduced Cd on Leech being beaten.

Wingstorm cooldown might not be an extreme problem for me since 1. I’m using full dark build with unlocked Salvo, and 2. the dungeons require SS often so it resets during that time as well. I’m not extremely familiar with the common Bombardment + Helix build, so I can’t comment much on that, but as a WL that uses Helix + Salvo, definitely bonus damage.

Only JP, TW have that stuff. KR is a different realm, like China. Over in KR and CN, we have Nebula which is Meteor and Comet to Buy Blade And Soul Gold, then once you’ve reached Stage 12, you can get into Pacheon / Chokma Legendary which is the best of best Legendaries. Recently KR also added Hollow Legendary for plebs, Sky and Space, they are the successors to Nebula (Comet and Meteor).