You have your opinion and for the most part I do agree with what you said, and it was pretty much the same thing I said before. But I also don’t go around calling others slow or clueless just because they have a different perspective than you do.

Summoners have an easier time in almost all aspects of the game, that is true and I agree wholeheartedly. This translates to the class being “easy” to most players when some don’t realize that having an easy time doesn’t always mean it’s easy to master. But you may need more Blade And Soul Gold, you also need to understand that every MMORPG or even every online game requires one or more class that provides accessibility to the game. You can’t have an online game where everything requires a deep understanding and huge amount of practice to play. No one’s gonna play that kind of game, or at least not everyone’s gonna play. It’s a bad design practice. Summoner provides that accessibility, there’s always going to be one or more class/hero that’s the easiest to use to enjoy the game straight away. You’d find similar things in other online games which has a higher learning curve, from this to WoW, Lineage, LoL, Dota2, heck even in a super hardcore oriented game like Eve.

You also need to understand that in a developer’s perspective. Perfect balancing between all classes is something that they will try to avoid. A perfectly balanced game between factions/races/class would kill one thing that makes a game enticing and promotes discussions, arguments even debates and creative thinking. Sure they’ll try to nerf BNS Gold, buff, or completely change certain mechanics of a class over time, but they will never try to do it in such a way that class A has the same abilities and counter-mechanics to B and vice viersa. Google “perfect imbalance” if you wanna know more about what I mean.

For all the slow people in this thread who are trying to defend summoners, the only thing you need to understand is that people are frustrated at the “Low Risk / Low Skill = High Reward” that Summoners have in comparison to every other class in the game. To be able to compete against a player of equal or lower skill level, a player from another class must have a far superior understanding of the game mechanics and countermeasures against Summoners. Even with that, they’re still not guaranteed a win because of how easy it is for a Summoner to rectify their own mistakes and have enough to really punish the opposing classes for R4PG BNS Gold. Accept the fact that the majority of people here aren’t in the top-tier PvP matchup but I doubt they’re all from bronze/silver either. If you still cannot ackowledge the glaring imbalanced mechanics of the Summoner class, then you’re either 1) clueless, 2) in denial, or 3) a troll.