So here s the deal atm i own full geared destoryer full pirate accs true siren moonwater soul everything 557 ap. and 1 summoner in lower gear.
i want some advice which class is better for endgame instances pve and pvp…i love destroyer but the thing is with this patch the fps drop lag and freezes increased and its affecting my animation cancelling Cheap BNS Gold. which is very dependent..endgame.

i want ur opinion what would be better choice going endgame with….if i got no fps drop or freezes its easy i got no problem wiht destro,,, but when i get them i feel sometimes useless.. Should i continue with destroyer or focus my summoner gear him endgame…and remain wiht that.

i know endgame pve is no joke..and some instances are really hard and i dont want fk up…so every advice is welcome.

Summoner it’s a safe option with Blade & Soul Gold, LvL 50 bring more open world content and I 100% that is going to be a pain for melees like Terrors/BW but instances should be no problem.

IMO if you can afford it upgrade to true pirate your summoner and play both at LvL 50, then pick one main. A geared alt is always a nice thing, thats why I working on my FM (my main is a Destroyer too).

if they would fix a bit the servers i would be so fking happy when they released that patch with R4PG BNS Gold..i only had fps drops at 24 nighshade when mysterious man spawned…but now wiht naryu…when those bosses make they re attacks with shiny flashses and stuff like that i get freeze and fps drop, i saw im not only 1 but if this continues in 50 lvl endgame.