When the faction population is extremely unhealthy because of its human nature to go for the majority, hence why the fuck introducing faction system in the first place when you know the imbalance will be there?

Are you sure the Asian server doesn’t have any sign of population imbalance? As far as I remember, it does exist, the only difference in China forum is that people don’t bitch about small stuffs like bidding system with Cheap BNS Gold, over-sexualized concept and things.

On top of that, knowing the human nature as you spoke, knowing it will caused the population to lean towards imbalance, you are indirectly locking a group of players from access to some contents, ask Mushin Crimson to do Terror and BlackWyrm, go ahead and try.

I tried before, failed miserably, from not enough human resources to not enough skilled players, from there to Insignia sources often being cut off and linked to the lack of proper gear. Long term effect often creates psychological issue, players are aware of the result without trying now, and that’s the current Mushin Crimson, thanks to the ‘human nature’.

What’s the point of having faction, the point of that faction design is to purposely make a group of players’ life much harder while others are easy as heck? Where is the healthy competition? Do we ask for a reversal in situation? No, we asked for a balance in population.

That crappy design created a chain effect, if you don’t have the mind capacity to critical thinking, that’s not my problem.
Its human nature to exploit too, why bother banning? why bother sanctioning? Those are external influences to Buy Blade And Soul Gold, the best you could do is to minimize them, when faction population is an internal issue yet I don’t see them addressing it.

Old Man Cho is just horrid right now, Crimson vastly outnumber to the point if you kill one you can bet that the channel/area will be zerged by no less then 20 of them within a minute.

Its really just beyond ridicules at this point, cant even do a single wyrm cause they will have an unmarked summoner taunt him none stop and lock the channel down on us. Its one thing to simply chase or kill us off but they do arse hat stuff like this all the time then spam chat they want to trade kills. Something really needs to be done cause in the long run its simply not going to work.

On the up side we seem to out gear them by a lot, soo many red scrubs oWPvP is a joke till the swarm comes out and we are just simply eaten alive by pure numbers.

Most of the people i know and quite a few clans have gone red simply do to the fact of being sicked of getting blade and soul gold farming none stop on every channel while trying to do daily’s. No fun turning it into a 4+ hour ordeal everyday.