Rest assured there is nothing about that AV alert, that was a false positive.
The threads are hidden on request by me because of quarrel with another developer MiyakoProductions

They will be back as soon as the admin Urbancowgurl777 has been online.

If you want to know more about that particular false positive it’s sometimes triggered when using an obfuscate to Buy BNS Gold, i choose to use that because of certain users here on the forum trying to reverse engineer my code and claim it for their own.

It will also help me protect the users from these same people modifying or releaseing fake versions of this program maliciously, and as always you are welcome to run in a program like sandboxie or choose to not use it all.

I have only been working on this to help the Blade and Soul community because of the good feedback i had gotten, so this is very discouraging for me.

Here is a snippet from Wikipedia

Disadvantages of obfuscation

Obfuscation can make reading, writing and reverse-engineering a program difficult and time-consuming, but not necessarily impossible.[13] Some anti-virus software, such as AVG, will also alert their users when they land on a site with code obfuscated Cheap Blade And Soul Gold, as one of the purposes of obfuscation can be to hide malicious code. However, some developers may employ code obfuscation for the purpose of reducing file size or increasing security. The average user may not expect their antivirus software to provide alerts about an otherwise harmless piece of code, especially from trusted corporations, so such a feature may actually serve as a deterrent.