You wanna play through all content in 2 days and then drop the game until new content is released? Wtf? Or what would you do when your gear is max?
I remember Lineage2 .. you would need almost a year for a level as a casual. Farming weapons without Blade & Soul Gold? Took months too.

I’m at awakened siren lv9 and can clear everything solo as a Sin, and countless videos postet on YT/Reddit prove that every class can solo these dungeons without max gear. You just gotta know your class and the mechanics of mobs/bosses.

You’re bad at PvP? Learn your class, know your enemy.
I barely play PvP (heart starts to race like shit, hands sweaty) even tho I really like it. I watch(ed) countless streams/read guides on how to play my class and how to react to others. I know what to do in my head, it was hard to pull off in the beginning tho (hello muscle memory) but I see how I gradually get better.

The good thing is, that you can mostly tell why you lost. Sometimes it’s a lucky hit, but more often it’s a fault on your part or the opponent does something that you didn’t know he could pull of (know your enemy). This gets more complex as you rise in rank. I’m just a BNS Gold scrub with 1700 rating btw.

Blade & Soul

I was one of those who was about to quit the game when I saw what the grind was like starting at lvl 43 (yes I felt it at THAT level), when I saw I couldn’t get the true profane weapon to happen for ages I was literally a hairline close to throwing in the towel. Then one of my friends messaged me saying “This is the point where the majority of players quit by the way, all because they didn’t get what they needed after just 3 or 5 days.” So I just kept going another day or two and finally got the profane weapon. True Profane at level 10 is a BEAST, you’re considered a high threat in misty woods even to players with awakened sirens. I got to the 7th floor in Mushins Tower with True Profane and got Junghado’s HP down to 776HP before he one shotted me, if that’s not proof enough that True Profane is no joke.

I’m saying all this because as others have said, you can get by with True Profane and even run Poh/BSH 24man just fine. Obviously you need to take your Blade And Soul Items, accessories and bopaes into account. Mix up some of Poharan’s and Mysterious’s bopaes together and you’ll be pretty tough in other encounters. It also comes down to your knowledge in combat and counters, you need to study your target. If you fail a few times against a player, analyze their gear and decide your next move. If their gear is in par with yours then watch them, observe what they repeatedly use and counter with what you have. From what I’ve experienced in misty woods, many players are using the same skill repeatedly since they think that’s the auto-win skill when all they’re doing is leaving their doors wide open for me to counter them easily.